KIT Styletto (7AX)


Built on our leading-edge Augmented Xperience audiology platform, Styletto AX give you the outstanding speech clarity2 you need with the hearing aid features you want.

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    Wherever you’re going, Styletto AX goes with you. And goes and goes – the charging case gives you an astounding 4 -5 days of autonomy without needing to charge the case. You can recharge your Styletto AX hearing aids at home or on-the-go for up to 17 hours of use per charge. The pocket-sized charging case wireless technology enables you to simply place the charger on a charging pad instead of having to plug it into the mains.

    You can also choose a Dry&Clean charger that not only charges your Styletto AX but also offers UVC cleaning and drying technology to keep your hearing aids in peak condition.


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